Dr. McKinley holds a PhD in Biological Science, is a Certified Environmental Professional in four disciplines, and is a Registered Professional Biologist (RP Bio).  With over ten years of professional experience as a Senior Biologist, he has completed projects for all major biological taxa in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environments.  These have included large scale and high profile projects across Canada, as well as in Australia and Panama.  He is equally experienced working with all different plant and wildlife taxa, in most ecosystems across Canada.  Dr. McKinley is among eastern Ontario’s most experienced Species At Risk (SAR) consultants and has extensive project experience across the province. 


Specializing in the management of large biological surveys, permitting, and environmental assessments, he is highly experienced in managing complex approvals involving multiple environmental regulations and management agencies.  He has expert level experience working with the Ontario Endangered Species Act (ESA), the Fisheries Act, the federal Species At Risk Act (SARA) and other key pieces of environmental legislation. He also has completed dozens of projects involving municipal approvals.

Dr. McKinley has an expert level of biological statistics skills and has published numerous peer reviewed publications with large biological datasets.  Large-scale projects include an estuarine research project that spanned three years with hundreds of sampling sites in 10 estuaries, spread along 600 km of coastline, large-scale terrestrial surveys spanning more than 400 km², and the development of several regionally-significant Species At Risk (SAR) habitat management and compensation plans.

Dr. McKinley is an avid international naturalist.  To date he has identified 4,000 species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish in the wild in over 20 countries, including 20% of the world’s bird species.  He is a well-recognized naturalist with knowledge of wildlife taxa worldwide.  An avid wildlife photographer, he has photographed over 1,500 species.  His personal interests primarily focus on international wildlife viewing including scuba diving, fish netting, bird watching, wildlife photography, and surveying for rare species worldwide.  

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