• Doctorate in Biological Science - University of New South Wales
  • Masters of Environmental Management - University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Environment and Development (Honors) - McGill University
  • Registered Professional Biologist (RP Bio) - College of Applied Biology of British Columbia
  • Certified Environmental Professional (EP) - ECO Canada (4 specializations: Natural Resource Management, Fisheries and Wildlife, Site Assessment and Reclamation, Water Quality)
  • Federal Government Security Clearance:  Secret

Training and Skills

  • Headwaters Drainage Assessment (HDA)
  • Ecological Land Classification (ELC) Certificate (Ministry of Natural Resources)
  • Class II Backpack Electrofishing Certificate (Rideau Valley Conservation Authority)
  • Butternut Health Assessment (BHA) Certificate (Ministry of Natural Resources)
  • Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol (OSAP)
  • Bat Passive Ultrasonic Monitoring Training (Wildlife Acoustics)
  • Canadian Red Cross Basic First Aid
  • Certified Marine Radio Operator
  • Marine Rescue and Safety Training
  • PADI Scuba Certified (Advanced)


  • Greater Ottawa Home Builder's Association (Member)
  • College of Applied Biology (Member)
  • Association of Applied Biology (Member)


  • Over 2,000 hours of small boating experience
  • Biological Surveying Methods Experience (over 7,500 hours):
    • Small Mammal Trapping, Mammal Track Surveys, Spotlighting Surveys, Deer Pellet Surveys
    • Bat Harp Netting, Bat Passive Acoustic Sampling
    • Bird Point Count Surveys, Whip-poor-will Call Surveys
    • Snake Thermal Boarding, Butterfly Swipe Netting
    • Turtle Basking Surveys, Frog Call Surveys
    • Cover Disturbance Surveys, Rare Plant Transects
    • Electro-fishing, Fyke Netting, Beach Seines, Otter Trawling, Minnow Trapping
    • Fish Larval/Planktonic Trawling/Towing, Baited Remote Underwater Videos
    • Beam Trawling, Snorkel Transect Surveys

Statistical Analysis Skills

  • Advanced Statistical Analysis/Modeling
  • Ecopath/Ecosim ecological modeling, Vortex Population Viability Analysis (PVA)
  • Mixed Model ANOVA
  • Multivariate Statistical Modeling using PERMANOVA in Primer including factor elimination, multivariate correlation, trophic interaction modeling, and community composition analysis
  • Multivariate analysis methods including DistLM, PCO, PCA, Nested Regression, Linear Regression, Linear Mixed Modeling
  • Basic statistics in PRIMER, RAMAS, SPSS and SYSTAT