Assessing Impacts of Anthropogenic Modification on Estuarine Fish Communities

Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2009-2011

Dr. McKinley conducted a very large scale impact study assessing impacts of habitat modification, transport and metals processing activities, pollution, and other anthropogenic stressors on fish communities living in 10 estuaries spread along 600 km of coastline and included three years of field work and analysis.

Dr. McKinley conducted and published a variety of studies examining environmental impacts, eco-toxicological impacts on fish, and assemblage-level ecological change. Surveys were conducted for the entire fish assemblage (>200 species), including several Species At Risk. Methods included beam trawling, otter trawls, larval/plankton tows, benthic larval trawls, beach seines, fish funnel traps, minnow trapping, and baited remote underwater videos.  

This project included strong collaboration with regulatory bodies including NSW Marine Parks Authority and Department of Primary Industries.

Big Bellied Seahorse

Big Bellied Seahorse

Role: Principal Researcher, Senior Project Manager