Combined Natural Environment Level 1 & 2, and Detailed Environmental Impact Statement to Support Aggregate Licensing for the Hallville Quarry

Mountain, Ontario, 2016

Dr. McKinley undertook a combined Natural Environment Level 1 & 2 study, and a Detailed Environmental Impact Statement to support the Aggregate Licensing and Municipal Approval process for the re-opening of the Hallville Quarry in Mountain, Ontario.  

This project included extensive baseline surveying including Ecological Land Classification, vegetative community sampling, tree inventory, and species at risk surveys for Butternut trees, bats, turtles, birds, snakes, and other wildlife.  

The report also included a wetland delineation and fish habitat assessment.  The final report included an impact assessment, mitigation, avoidance recommendations, and a summary of regulatory requirements.

Hallville Quarry

Hallville Quarry

Role: Senior Biologist