Preparation of a Section 17 (Overall Net Benefit Permit) for Blanding’s Turtle, Least Bittern, and Butternut, and Habitat Compensation Program for KNL 7, 8 and 9

Ottawa, Ontario, 2012-2016 (ongoing)

Dr. McKinley is currently working on behalf of KNL Developments Inc. on a large scale Impact Assessment, Overall Net Benefit Permit Application, and Habitat Compensation Project for three Species At Risk (SAR). A significant portion of this project has included generation of high resolution habitat mapping for Blanding’s Turtle and Least Bittern, quantification of habitat impacts and benefits through use of GIS analysis, and creation of a GIS-based post development habitat plan.

This project includes evaluation of impacts from terrestrial habitat development and storm water management, creation of a stormwater pond Species At Risk management plan, and the design of necessary mitigation and habitat compensation measures. The goal of the project is to achieve an overall net benefit to the regional population while allowing a large scale 184 hectare multi-stage urban development to move forward (2200 residential units, 3 schools and a commercial block).

This work is being conducted as part of a Section 17 – Overall Net Benefit Permit application under the Ontario Endangered Species Act. Once achieved, the Overall Net Benefit Permit will be one of the largest and most complex permits of its kind ever issued for Blanding’s Turtle in Ontario.


School under construction (the first of three that will be part of the development).

School under construction (the first of three that will be part of the development).

Role: Senior Biologist (with DST Consulting Engineers)