Species At Risk Survey for the Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre for Public Works and Government Services on behalf of the Department of National Defense

Ottawa, Ontario, 2012-2014

Dr. McKinley completed a large scale Species At Risk (SAR) survey for all possible SAR present at a Department of Defense site in western Ottawa. The site is 1200 hectare in size and surveys were conducted in all seasons for one full year.

The project included fish surveys including electrofishing, minnow trapping, and fyke netting following the Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol  (OSAP), as well as frog call surveys, basking surveys for turtles, snake thermal board surveys, breeding bird, winter bird, and migration monitoring transects (using the point count method), night time Whip-poor-will call surveys, mammal winter track and sign surveys and spotlighting surveys, passive acoustic monitoring surveys for bats, rare plant transect surveys and insect swipe net surveys. All survey methods followed the recognized Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) protocols, or best available protocols from other jurisdictions for taxa where OMNR protocols are not defined. In total the survey targeted more than 70 species in all SAR taxa.

Dr. McKinley documented the occurrence, breeding behavior and habitats of twenty two Species At Risk during this project. He was the prime consultant and project manager for this project, and managed all aspects of the project planning, fieldwork, and reporting.

from left: Bat Passive Ultrasonic Recorder,  Bald Eagle (Special Concern) in Flight

from left: Bat Passive Ultrasonic Recorder, Bald Eagle (Special Concern) in Flight

Role: Senior Project Manager/Senior Field Biologist (with DST Consulting Engineers)